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  • An object-oriented logic programming language

    Whats new in version 3.10.9:

    • CHANGED: Pass the current execution context when sending a message thus
    • ensuring that, when calling a meta-predicate, the meta-arguments will be
    • called with the caller full execution context. This allows a long standing
    • issue to be fixed: it\'s now possible to pass to a meta-predicate a closure
    • corresponding to a call to the `::/1` or `^^/1` control constructs.
    • * CHANGED: The predicate execution context now also includes the entity
    • containing the clause under execution. This entity argument is only equal
    • to the *this* argument for object predicate clauses. This allows a long
    • standing issue to be fixed: it\'s now possible to call a meta-predicate from
    • within a category where the meta-arguments correspond to calls to local
    • category predicates instead of predicates local to the object importing
    • the category.
    • * CHANGED: The `execution_context/6` predicate of the `logtalk` built-in
    • object to `execution_context/7` to cope with the new execution context
    • entity argument.
    • * CHANGED: The debu...

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